Dropbox is used by many small and growing companies for storage of files, syncing and collaboration. Some users have turned to alternatives due to its expensive prices, small space and the numerous data breaches. There are many great alternatives to choose from. Some are cloud storage services, with different storage limits. Other are collaborative file-sharing applications with additional features, such as video sharing or tools for managing projects.

If you’re seeking an Dropbox alternative with simple user interface and support for all the major file types, check out Box. It also supports drag and drop, lets collaborators to view and edit files, and allows users to upload and share files through one click. Another top contender is Microsoft OneDrive, which has a similar interface and feature that is similar to Dropbox but comes with more powerful plans for business that offer unlimited storage, Office 365 applications and security features.

Google Drive is a popular choice for people who are part of the Google ecosystem and its 15GB of free storage surpasses Dropbox’s free offer. It’s a great option for people who want to collaborate on Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents through its integrated Office suite. It’s also simple to integrate with other productivity and workflow tools for enterprise because of the numerous app integrations. In the end, NordLocker is a strong competitor that is focused on privacy and security. It supports zero-knowledge cryptography and is compatible with mobile and desktop platforms.

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